The End of Fear (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 6)

The End of Fear (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 6)

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Krishnamurti’s talks in Ojai, California in 1966 are made available in entirety for the first time in this new ten-disc CD series. Here, he penetrates deeply into a variety of subjects, challenging the listener to investigate intelligently, without motive or preconception, into the “vast field of life”.

Disc 6:

“Effort exists only when there is contradiction – contradiction within, though there is contradiction without which can be understood, tolerated, and perhaps gone beyond. But there is this inward contradiction of various competing, contradictory desires; and it is these contradictory desires that bring about conflict – the wanting and not - wanting, what is and ‘what should be’; the what is trying to conform to a pattern of ‘what should be’, and so there is always conflict. And apparently that's part of our daily existence, from getting up in the morning, going to the office, struggling till we go back to bed, and from the moment we are born till we die.”

-J. Krishnamurti Ojai, CA 1966, fourth Talk at the oak grove

Disc 6 of the 10 CD Set.

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