The Inner Urgency (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 2)

The Inner Urgency (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 2)

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Krishnamurti’s talks in Ojai, California in 1966 are made available in entirety for the first time in this new ten-disc CD series. Here, he penetrates deeply into a variety of subjects, challenging the listener to investigate intelligently, without motive or preconception, into the “vast field of life”.

Disc 2: “Freedom comes not through revolt. It comes naturally when there is the intention, when there is the urgency and attention in examining the social, psychological structure of what we are, examining as human beings what we are. Because we are the result of a social structure. The society is you and you are the society.” -J. Krishnamurti Ojai, California 1966, first talk at the oak grove

Disc 2 of the 10 CD Set.