The Real Revolution (DVD)

The Real Revolution (DVD)

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Eight 30-minute documentaries made from the original series for television in 1966. They were the earliest sound-films of Krishnamurti speaking to audiences.

The talks and writings of Krishnamurti cannot be limited to a single category such as religion or philosophy. Unquestionably Krishnamurti is one of the more challenging and creative man of our time for his profound insights into the realities of the human condition. This series of eight programs represents the first time that Krishnamurti has permitted his talks to be filmed. In this talk, the subject of which is meditation, Krishnamurti continues his exploration of the "real revolution", a radical change in ourselves.

K says, "I should think one of our greatest problems in life must be surely knowing that our minds deteriorate, decline as one grows older or deteriorate even when one is quite young. Being a specialist along a certain line and being unaware of the whole, complex area of life. It must be a great problem to find out whether it is at all possible to stop this deterioration, so that the mind is always fresh, young, clear, decisive and is it at all possible to end this decline. This evening, if I may, I'd like to go into that. Because to me meditation is freeing the mind from the known."

He continues, "The question then arises: is it at all possible to end this decaying process of this brain as well as of the mind, the whole total entity. and also if it is possible to keep the physique, body extraordinarily alive, alert, energetic and so on. so that seem to me a great issue and therefore a great challenge to find out. Now the inquiry into this - not only verbally, but non-verbally - the inquiry, the examination into this is: what is meditation?"

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