Relationships. To Oneself, to Others, to the World

Relationships. To Oneself, to Others, to the World

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Relationships-- To Oneself, to Others, to the World What is relationship?

-To your friends, family, teachers
-In love, sex, marriage
-To work, money, government, society, nature
-Culture, country, the world, God, the universe

Teens understand for themselves that we al live in relationships all the time, to each other, to ourselves, to the world. Modern quantum physics, most psychological insight, and all religions reveal the interconectedness of everything in the universe--that everything always affects everything else.

Because all life is lived in relationships, it is essential that we understand what relationship is, and what every movement in relationships--to lovers, parents, friends, teachers, society--can mean to us and everyone else. Put together, all our individual relationships create society. Attention to our own behavior in relationship will recreate the world.

Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Author: J. Krishnamurti
184 pp-paperback

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