1st  Seminar, Brockwood Park, England, 13th September 1979

1st Seminar, Brockwood Park, England, 13th September 1979

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What is correct action in a deteriorating world?

Q: What am I to do to change this world of increasing violence and disorder? How do I approach this problem? The approach may decide the quality of my inquiry. There is disorder, disintegration, confusion. We must examine what is happening, the cause of the violence. I may be having difficulties with my family my wife, keeping a job, earning a livelihood so I am not greatly concerned with what is happening in the world. Is the world of misery something out there that I have nothing to do with? Why do we lose sight of the understanding, the reality that we are the world? Do we see the fact that there is terror, violence and disintegration? The fact is what is actually happening, not opinion. Why is it so difficult to see a simple fact?

Duration: 89 minutes
Date: 13 September 1979
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English
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