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2nd Public Questions, Brockwood Park, England, 4th September 1980

2nd Public Questions, Brockwood Park, England, 4th September 1980

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Why does the mind live in time?

Q1: What is the relationship between thought and consciousness? Why do we seem unable to go beyond thought? Q2: Does compassion spring from observation, or thought? Is not compassion an emotional feeling? Q3: Why is it that in the balance of nature there is always death and suffering? Q4: Why do you say attachment is corruption? Are we not attached to those we love? Q5: You say we are the world but the majority of the world seems to be heading for mass destruction. Can a minority of integrated people outweigh the majority? Q6: Christian mystics describe certain forms of mental prayer in which they speak to God, or what they call God. They say that in such prayer something tremendous happens which they call union with God. They are convinced this is not an illusion. Are they deceiving themselves? And what is faith? It appears to give people the power to do extraordinary things. Q7: If there is a supreme truth and order why does it allow mankind to behave on earth in such a shocking way? Q8: I have been a member of a Gurdjieff group. I find it has given me a background to better understand what you are saying. Should I continue with such a group to possibly help others, as I was helped? Or does such a group make for fragmentation? Q9: What is freedom?

Duration: 82 minutes
Date: 4 September 1980
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Subtitles: English
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