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2nd Public Questions, Ojai, California, USA, 19th May 1983

2nd Public Questions, Ojai, California, USA, 19th May 1983

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Can we live together without conflict?

Q1: Why don�t you be more practical and not so abstract in what you are saying? Q2: Most of my energy and time goes into the struggle to earn a living. Is it possible for me to be deeply unselfish and intelligent? Q3: You travel about a great deal in the world but I must stay with my family in one place and live in a limited horizon. You speak of a global vision. How am I to have this? Q4: You have stated that if one stays with fear and does not try to escape, and realises one is fear, then the fear goes away. How does this come about and what will keep it from returning on other occasions in a different form? Q5: Is it some lack of energy that keeps us from going to the very end of a problem? Does this require special energy or is there only one basic energy at the root of all life? Q6: Could you go into the nature of intelligence which manifests itself when perception takes place, and is this the only true source of action?

Duration: 109 minutes
Date: 19 May 1983
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English