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2nd Public Talk, Brockwood Park, England, 30th August 1981

2nd Public Talk, Brockwood Park, England, 30th August 1981

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Our consciousness is the common ground on which all humanity stands

There is nothing sacred about thought, yet what thought has invented, thought assumes is sacred and then begins to worship it as being sacred. So thought is worshipping itself. Can we look at ourselves freely, actually what is going on, without any motive, distortion or direction? Is relationship merely sensory, sexual? Is it merely a companionship, depending on each other, exploiting each other, trying to dominate each other, possess each other? Or is it much deeper? The deep cause of division is thinking that each one is separate. Can the brain function as a whole? What is the root of fear? Is pleasure a remembrance? Is pleasure a thought? Is pleasure time? Is love the awakening of the whole of the brain?

Duration: 72 minutes
Date: 30 August 1981
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