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3rd Public Talk, Madras (Chennai), India, 3th January 1981

3rd Public Talk, Madras (Chennai), India, 3th January 1981

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Can the brain ever be free from knowledge?

Co-operation can come only when there is love. We are concerned with the salvaging of the brain, of the human mind. There is no individual brain; it is the brain of humanity. It is only a confused mind that is caught in the trap of choice. Thought dictates our action. Conflict must exist when there is a division between thought and the psyche. Why has thought separated itself from something which it has created? As long as there is self-centred activity there must be loneliness. When there is no contradiction between the observer and the observed, what takes place in the brain?

Duration: 70 minutes
Date: 3 January 1981
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English
Black & White