4th Public Talk, Ojai, California, USA, 22th May 1983

4th Public Talk, Ojai, California, USA, 22th May 1983

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Can we live together without conflict?

Where does one find justice, equality? Can the brain cells themselves transform? It is possible if you are aware without direction, control or motive, just to watch thought and anxiety. There is constant comparison in us between the ideal and the fact; the fact of violence and the ideal of non-violence. In meditation, comparison must totally end. Meditation is not controlling thought or practising a system, but freeing the brain from its own conditioning. Silence is something extraordinary; it is not the silence between two noises. Peace is not between two wars. Silence comes naturally when you are watching without motive. In that watching there is something which is beyond words, beyond all measure.

Duration: 69 minutes
Date: 22 May 1983
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English