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5th Public Talk, Madras (Chennai), India, 10th January 1981

5th Public Talk, Madras (Chennai), India, 10th January 1981

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Can the brain ever be free from knowledge?

Why has man after so many millions of years come down to the lowest point in his existence? We like to attribute disorder to some fantastic cause, but actually the disorder is in our brains. The knowledge that we have acquired through education, experience, generations upon generations, may be the cause of our disaster because we are burdened with the past. What is man? If the machine can do everything even better than you, what are you? Time is the movement of thought in consciousness. There is the art of listening, seeing and learning. With that you approach yourself, are watching yourself. It is not your own psyche, because wherever you go in the world human beings are suffering.

Duration: 74 minutes
Date: 10 January 1981
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English
Black & White