There is Beauty Only When The Self is Not

There is Beauty Only When The Self is Not

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Public Talk - Rajghat, India - November 1984 (2-DVD Set)

Disc 1: What is the significance of our daily life?

After a million years, why have we not found security inwardly or outwardly?

Will inward security express itself outwardly?

Can one live in this corrupt world without self-interest?

Where there is attachment to an ideology, that is the beginning of corruption.

Is thought a major cause of fear?

Knowledge, experience and thought are limited.

Is the present the modified past?

Is there change through time or is change immediate?

A religious brain is free of all belief.

Note: a total of 2 minutes and 14 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.

Disc 2: A religious mind has great sense of beauty

What is a religious mind? What does the word ‘religious’ mean?

What is beauty?

Without beauty there is no sense of morality. Beauty in itself is virtue.

There is beauty only when the self is not. And that is the first thing that is required in understanding what is a religious mind.

What is the relationship between nature and each of us?

Is love desire? Is love pleasure? Is love sorrow, pain, anxiety, jealousy, hatred? Or is love something totally divorced from all this?

There is beauty in relationship, not in attachment.

Conflict exists only when we deny the actual fact of ‘what is’.

When you suffer you cannot love. Can you find out whether sorrow can end?

Meditation is not the activity of will or determination.