Understanding Detachment

Understanding Detachment

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This is one in a series of fourteen lectures by the unique teacher and world-wide lecturer J. Krishnamurti who invites you to confront inner reality and thus find a richer life. The topic for today is ‘Understanding Detachment’.

J. Krishnamurti (K): I think it is very important that most of us should be earnest. Those who come to these gatherings, and people who go to different meetings of this kind, think they are very earnest and serious. But I’d like to find out what we mean by earnest, by being serious. Is it earnestness, does it show seriousness, if we go from one lecturer, or a talker, to another, from one leader to another, from one teacher to another; going from different groups, passing through different series of organizations, in search of something? So before we begin to find out what it is to be earnest, surely we must find out what it is that we are seeking.

What is it that most of us are seeking? What is it each one of us wants? Especially in this restless world, where everybody is trying to find some kind of peace, some kind of happiness, a refuge, surely it is important to find out, isn’t it, what it is that we are trying to seek, what it is that we are trying to discover. Probably most of us are seeking some kind of happiness, some kind of peace. In a world that is ridden with turmoil, wars, contention, strife, we want some kind of refuge, where there can be some kind of peace. I think that is what most of us want. And so we pursue, go from one leader to another, from one religious organization to another, from one teacher to another.

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