A Wholly Different Way of Living
(Conversations with Professor Allan W. Anderson)

$ 44.95 USD

Krishnamurti met with Professor Allan W. Anderson in 1974 for eighteen one-hour conversations which, because of their amiable rapport, has become a favorite source for many people endeavoring to study...

Attention and Order

$ 29.95 USD

Public Talks in Ojai, California, 1984. Subtitles: English Audio: English, English-French, English-Russian, English-Spanish

Beyond Myth and Tradition

$ 49.95 USD

The series of 12 thirty-minute topic based programs are now available on DVD. Each program consists of selected clips of Krishnamurti on the given topic as well as subtitled quotations...

Can the brain ever be quiet?

$ 48.95 USD

Seminars at Brockwood Park, UK - June 1984 (3-DVD Set)Disc 1: What is thought?Disc 2: Is there an action in which there is no limitation?Disc 3: Can thought come to an end?Can...

Conversations with Jean-Louis Dewez

$ 24.95 USD

Dialogues with Jean-Louis Dewez - Brockwood Park, UK - September 1979 (2-DVD Set)Disc 1: Thought and observationDisc 2: Why do we get educated?*Please note that in these discussions Jean-Louis Dewez speaks in French and...

Education Series Vol 1

$ 34.95 USD

Discussions with students in Rishi Valley, India, 1984 and 1985 and Brockwood Park, England, 1983. Subtitles: English, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese Audio: English

Exploring the Essence of Love - Ojai, 1982 All Talks (6 DVD Set)

$ 44.95 USD

So throughout life we are trying to solve problems. Haven't you noticed this? So to solve a problem the brain must be free to solve it. But if it is...

Goodness Only Flowers in Freedom

$ 11.95 USD

Conversations with Father Eugene Shallert, San Diego, 1972. Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Vietnamese Audio: English, English-French, English-German

I am the rest of mankind

$ 58.95 USD

Seminars at Brockwood Park, UK - September 1981 (5-DVD Set)Disc 1: Immediate changeDisc 2: The division between the observer and the observed is illusoryDisc 3: Can thought see itself?Disc 4: You are humanityDisc 5:...

Is it Possible to Live with Total Lucidity? (Krishnamurti with Dr. Huston Smith)

$ 11.95 USD

In his introductory statement, Dr. Huston Smith describes Krishnamurti as a sage of our century. Krishnamurti and Dr. Huston Smith inquire into the question of lucidity and ask whether it...

It’s only when the mind is quiet you see things clearly

$ 24.95 USD

Conversations with Allan W. Anderson - San Diego, USA - February 1972 (2-DVD Set)Disc 1: Listening is a great miracleQ: What is it that, as a renowned spiritual teacher, you...

The movement of desire

$ 48.95 USD

Public Talk - Brockwood Park, UK - August 1978 (4-DVD Set)Disc 1: Can I strip myself of the network of language?Disc 2: How is one to have complete order?Disc 3: How is freedom...

The Nature of the Mind

$ 24.95 USD

In our culture there are conflicting points of view about the proper approach to dealing with psychological problems. What is psychological disorder and what is required for fundamental psychological change?...

The Transformation of Man DVD Set

$ 29.95 USD

The transformation of man This popular series of dialogues with scientists, held in 1976 between Krishnamurti, Dr. David Bohm, and Dr. David Shainberg, delve deeply into the quintessential questions facing...

The Turning Point

$ 64.95 USD

"The Turning Point" set contains 10 multi-regional DVDs from Krishnamurti's talks at Saanen in 1981. Follow Krishnamurti as he weaves through the topics of consciousness, conflict, love, control and freedom....

the years of awakening

$ 49.95 USD

"On Being Conditioned" set of 6 single DVDs. Complete set of 4 Public Talks and 2 Q&A Meetings at Brockwood Park, 1979. B & W. Multi-regional DVD. * Talk #1:...

To Observe Without Distortion

$ 62.95 USD

Public talks 1 through 5 - Ojai, California, USA - February 1980 1) Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?2) Observation is the total denial of analysis3) Is time necessary to end...

Washington DC Talks

$ 11.95 USD

Complete set of 2 Public Talks in Washington D.C., 1985. Although Krishnamurti had spoken for many years in the United States, he had never given public talks in Washington, D.C....

What Love is Not (1-6)

$ 44.95 USD

"What Love is Not" set of 12 single DVDs. B & W. Multi-regional DVD. Complete set of 7 Public Talks and 5 Q&A Meetings at Saanen, 1979. There is Western...

What Love is Not (7-12)

$ 44.95 USD

"What Love is Not" set of 12 single DVDs. B & W. Multi-regional DVD. Complete set of 7 Public Talks and 5 Q&A Meetings at Saanen, 1979. There is Western...
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