Is it Possible to Live with Total Lucidity? (Krishnamurti with Dr. Huston Smith)

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In his introductory statement, Dr. Huston Smith describes Krishnamurti as a sage of our century. Krishnamurti and Dr. Huston Smith inquire into the question of lucidity and ask whether it...

Goodness Only Flowers in Freedom

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Conversations with Father Eugene Shallert, San Diego, 1972. Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Vietnamese Audio: English, English-French, English-German

Conversations with Jean-Louis Dewez

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Dialogues with Jean-Louis Dewez - Brockwood Park, UK - September 1979 (2-DVD Set)Disc 1: Thought and observationDisc 2: Why do we get educated?*Please note that in these discussions Jean-Louis Dewez speaks in French and...
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