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Unconditionally Free

Unconditionally Free is a sweeping overview view of the life and insights of J. Krishnamurti. A unique format follows a timeline from 1850 to the speaker’s death in 1986...

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Happy is the One Who is Nothing

Newly published by Watkins Publishing, this hardcover book is an expanded edition of Letters to a Young Friend...

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One Thousand Suns:
Krishnamurti at 85
& The Last Walk

One Thousand Suns depicts the private person behind the world-renowned philosophical figure, Jiddu Krishnamurti. The phenomenon of this brilliant teacher is here revealed intimately and respectfully, through the eyes of Asit Chandmal, who for most of his life knew Krishnamurti as a close friend. Krishnamurti is seen in everyday activities—with friends, in his home and garden, walking, and contemplating. Chandmal also describes and depicts the reactions of crowds listening to Krishnamurti speak, the calm he elicited, and the reverence he evoked.

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Krishnamurti spoke for nearly 60 years, addressing the whole of humanity and the entire field of human consciousness. His teachings are currently published in more than 75 books.

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