Can the brain ever be quiet?

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Seminars at Brockwood Park, UK - June 1984 (3-DVD Set)Disc 1: What is thought?Disc 2: Is there an action in which there is no limitation?Disc 3: Can thought come to an end?Can...

Conversations with Jean-Louis Dewez

$ 24.95 USD

Dialogues with Jean-Louis Dewez - Brockwood Park, UK - September 1979 (2-DVD Set)Disc 1: Thought and observationDisc 2: Why do we get educated?*Please note that in these discussions Jean-Louis Dewez speaks in French and...

I am the rest of mankind

$ 58.95 USD

Seminars at Brockwood Park, UK - September 1981 (5-DVD Set)Disc 1: Immediate changeDisc 2: The division between the observer and the observed is illusoryDisc 3: Can thought see itself?Disc 4: You are humanityDisc 5:...

It’s only when the mind is quiet you see things clearly

$ 24.95 USD

Conversations with Allan W. Anderson - San Diego, USA - February 1972 (2-DVD Set)Disc 1: Listening is a great miracleQ: What is it that, as a renowned spiritual teacher, you...

The Ending of Time DVDs - Dialogues 9-15 on DVD (Part 2 of 2)

$ 49.95 USD

Dialogues 9-15 on DVD (Part 2) Please see The Ending of Time CDs - Dialogues 1-8 (Part 1) on CD to have the complete series of dialogues.

The Ending of Time Series CDs - Dialogues 1-8 (Part 1 of 2)

$ 24.95 USD

The Ending of Time - Dialogues 1-8 on CD (Part 1) Please see The Ending of Time DVDs (Part 2) for dialogues 9-15 on video to have the complete series. Product...

The movement of desire

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Public Talk - Brockwood Park, UK - August 1978 (4-DVD Set)Disc 1: Can I strip myself of the network of language?Disc 2: How is one to have complete order?Disc 3: How is freedom...

To Observe Without Distortion

$ 62.95 USD

Public talks 1 through 5 - Ojai, California, USA - February 1980 1) Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?2) Observation is the total denial of analysis3) Is time necessary to end...
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