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You know Krishnamurti's insights are world changing. A new book Flowering captures his depth in eloquent quotes selected by Evelyne Blau and framed in stunning photographs by Michael Mendizza.

Help us keep Krishnamurti's vision of expanding human potential alive. Flowering, the first edition, autographed by its creators available soon, something you will treasure and share year after year.

"The flowering of meditation is goodness. It is not a virtue to be gathered bit by bit, slowly in the space of time; it is not morality made respectable by society nor is it the sanction of authority. It is the beauty of meditation that gives perfume to its flowering."
-Krishnamurti's Notebook

"This is a staggeringly beautiful book. I've just gone through it not stopping for long on any page, but simply a looking at the photographs and reading a line or two here and there. It is much like when I get a new score to study, a piece of music I've not seen or heard before, wherein I simply page through it to get a sense of the rise and fall, the rhythm, the movement of the whole thing not trying to "hear" or "get" it all but just listening, observing, being present to it."

~ James Paul, KFA Trustee

"Beautiful images coupled with extraordinary quotes. Makes a wonderful gift."

~ Derek Dodds, Publications Director

From the forward Beauty has a way of stopping the chatter that ebbs and flows between our ears, the worries, images and beliefs. Like the solstice, beauty stops this movement. For that instant the thinking mind is quiet, still, to use Krishnamurti’s word, silent. In that instant all the energy and attention that was feeding what we imagine is released, free to connect and relate completely with the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. The gathering of attention that is released when the mental images we spawn stop, marks the beginning of what Krishnamurti called flowering and is essential for the transformation of the human mind and the culture that mind creates.

~ Michael Mendizza 

From the Introduction What does ‘Flowering’ mean? Krishnamurti, renowned for his insightful teachings, used the phrase many times and in many contexts. We have seen the gradual unfoldment from prescient bud to full blown beauty. Then there is the inevitable decline and withering away. Krishnamurti suggests that by looking with observant, non-judgmental eyes, the issues of our lives can follow the course of the flower. This new book inspires us to relate that movement to our own lives.

~ Evelyne Blau

Publisher: KFA
Text edited by: Evelyne Blau
Photos by: Michael Mendizza
75 pp-hard

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