Questioning Krishnamurti:<br>Dialogues with Leading 20th-century Thinkers

Questioning Krishnamurti:
Dialogues with Leading 20th-century Thinkers

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This book consists of fourteen conversations that took place in the last two decades of Krishnamurtis life, in which many penetrating questions were debated. Those taking part include scientists, a Buddhist scholar, philosophers, artists, and a Jesuit priest. None of them could be called devotees, rather they were people who came to question, clarify and challengesomething which in his lifetime Krishnamurti had always urged his listeners and readers to do. A variety of subjects are explored in a series of dialogues Krishnamurti held with Iris Murdoch, David Bohm, Huston Smith, Jonas Salk, and many others.

Publisher: HarperCollins
Editor: David Skitt
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