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Spiritual Revolutionary

Spiritual Revolutionary

Krishnamurti Bookstore

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Henri Methorst was an early publisher of Krishnamurti's works in Europe, and a translator of his talks and writing for many years. Here he provides both a memoir of time with Krishnamurti and the people and organizations around Krishnamurti, and observations on what makes Krishnamurti's message radical.

"Krishnamurti offers no easy solutions. His insights are not comfortable. He does, however, go immediately to the heart of the matter. By explaining the nature of thought and its relationship to time and fear, he offers a vision of liberation in its purest form."

For readers interested in a first-hand account adding to the history of Krishnamurti's work and publications, and personal reflections on the radical nature of Krishnamurti's message.

New 2013 Edition from Karina Library Press.

Publisher: Karina Library Press
Author: Henri Methorst
170 pp - Paper