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The Krishnamurti Reader

The Krishnamurti Reader

Krishnamurti Bookstore

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In this compilation of Krishnamurti's most essential teachings, he explores what he calls "the art of living." The topics addressed include such perennial human concerns as: living life without conflict and confusion, how to act with skill and clarity, the significance of meditation, death and dying, true freedom, and bringing the sacred into everyday life. These timeless teachings guide us to live our lives simply, intelligently, and with great love--free from the bonds of sorrow and fear. "This is not a philosophy as a series of theories; it is exactly what the world philosophy means, the love of truth, the love of life. It is not something that you go to a university to learn. We are learning about the art of living in our daily life." - J. Krishnamurti

Publisher: Shambhala
Author: J. Krishnamurti
170 pp- Paperback