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Why Do You Live with Stress?

Why Do You Live with Stress?

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J. Krishnamurti at Ojai, California, 1978, Talk 2.

In this incredibly penetrating talk, Krishnamurti describes the psychological pressures of life and how these pressures affect right living:

"We were saying that any form of pressure on the brain affects our whole way of life. We were also saying that this pressure affects our activities, our attitudes, our character, and our way of living. The pressure—economic, social, ethical, and religious—invariably distorts not only our actions but the quality of the brain ... ideals affect, oppress, and act as pressure upon our daily life. Is it possible not to have any ideals but only deal with actually what is? —then there is no pressure whatsoever."

Krishnamurti goes on to say that, unless the mind is free of pressure, there is no new way of living. He states that this insight on freedom requires a great deal of investigation into the whole nature and movement of pressure.

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Author/Editor: J. Krishnamurti
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