I am the rest of mankind

I am the rest of mankind

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Seminars at Brockwood Park, UK - September 1981 (5-DVD Set)

Disc 1: Immediate change

Disc 2: The division between the observer and the observed is illusory

Disc 3: Can thought see itself?

Disc 4: You are humanity

Disc 5: Communication

Do I educate my child to conform to the pattern of society or to move totally in a different direction?

What is the cause of the present confusion in the world, including the confusion that exists in each one of us?

Is there an action which has no cause?

If I change, will that affect the consciousness of the rest of mankind?

I have been educated and conditioned to think that I'm a separate entity.

How am I to change immediately?

Can conditioning be dissolved without thinking in terms of time?

Partial insight.

What is education?

The computer.

Education and survival.

Time and thought together have put fear into me.

Fear of the past, the present and the future.

You are bringing to truth something which you have accumulated through thought.

Can you have an insight into the whole nature of consciousness of humanity, which is yourself?

I am the rest of mankind. I am mankind. Realizing that, I am the guru and the disciple.

Is there something that is absolutely irrevocable, immovable?