A Wholly Different Way of Living <br>(Conversations with Professor Allan W. Anderson)
A Wholly Different Way of Living <br>(Conversations with Professor Allan W. Anderson)

A Wholly Different Way of Living
(Conversations with Professor Allan W. Anderson)

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Krishnamurti met with Professor Allan W. Anderson in 1974 for eighteen one-hour conversations which, because of their amiable rapport, has become a favorite source for many people endeavoring to study the entire scope of Krishnamurti's teachings.

For the first time by the KFA on DVD, this 6 DVD set is a very practical format in which to present the full 18 hours of dialogue.

Playing time 1080 min (18 hours)

#1 Knowledge & Transformation
#2 Knowledge & Human Relationships
#3 Responsibility
#4 Responsibility & Relationships
#5 Order
#6 Fear
#7 Desire
#8 Pleasure
#9 Inward or True Beauty
#10 Art of Listening
#11 Nature of Hurt
#12 Love & Pleasure
#13 A Different Way of Life
#14 Death
#15 Religion & Authority #1
#16 Religion & Authority #2
#17 Meditation #1
#18 Meditation #2

From the DVD:

K: ...So when we are inquiring into this question of love we must inquire into pleasure; pleasure in all its varieties, and its relationship to love, enjoyment to love, real joy, this thing which can never be invited, and its relation to love. So we had better begin with pleasure. That is, the world has made sex into an immense thing. And the priests right through the world, have denied it. They won't look at a woman, though they are burning inside, with lust and all kinds of things. They shut their eyes. And they say, only a man who is a celibate can go to God. Think of the absurdity of such a statement. So anybody who has sex is damned for ever.

A: Then you have to invent some story as to how it was we so-called fell into it.

K: Fell into it, or, the Virgin Mary, you follow, the whole idea.

A: Yes, the whole thing.

K: Which is a farce. So why have we made it such a fantastic, romantic, sentimental affair, sex? Is it because intellectually we are crippled? We are secondhand people. You follow, sir? I repeat what Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, somebody said, and therefore my mind intellectually is third rate. So it is never free. So intellectually I am a slave. Emotionally I become romantic. I become sentimental. And the only escape is sex, where I am free, if the woman or the man agrees, if they are compatible and all the rest of it then it is the only road, only door through which I say, for god's sake, at least I am free here. In the office I am bullied, you follow, sir. In the factory I just turn the wheels. So it is the only escape for me. The peasant in India, the poor villager in villages, look at them, that is the only thing they have. And religion is something else: I agree we should be celibate, we should be all the rest of it but for god's sake leave us alone with our pleasures, with our sex. So if that is so, and it looks like that, that we are intellectually, morally, spiritually crippled human beings, degenerate, and it is the only thing that gives us some release, some freedom.

In other fields I have no freedom. I have to go to the office everyday. I have to go to the factory every day. I have to, you follow, cinema once, three times a week, or whatever it is you do, you've got, and here at last I am a man, woman. So I have made this thing into an enormous affair. And if I am not sexual I have to find out why I am not sexual. I spend years to find out. You follow, sir? Books are written. It has become a nauseating thing, a stupid thing. And we have to also in relation to that to find out what is celibacy. Because they have all talked about it. Every religion has talked about it: that you must be celibate. And they say, Christians say the Virgin, Jesus was born immaculate. You follow? And the Buddhists, I don't know if you ever heard of the story where the Buddha - the mother conceived because she - not out of human relationship, but out of - the same thing. They don't want sex to be associated with a religion. And yet every priest is burning with it. And they say you must be celibate. And they take a vow of celibacy. I told you the story of that monk.

A: Oh, yes, yes. A deeply moving story.

K: And what is celibacy? Is it in there, in your heart and your mind? Or just the act?

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