The Nature of the Mind

The Nature of the Mind

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In our culture there are conflicting points of view about the proper approach to dealing with psychological problems. What is psychological disorder and what is required for fundamental psychological change?

This is a series of four dialogues between Krishnamurti, Physicist David Bohm, Biologist Rupert Sheldrake and Psychiatrist John Hidley (The fifth discussion does not include Krishnamurti or Rupert Sheldrake). The psychological image and the action of the image is questioned, and also the possibility of observing the image in action to be with "what is."

In discussion number three the topic of security is raised: Do we want pyschological security to feel completely content? Do we sense unconsciously that the self, the ego, is really unstable? Is that why human beings want security, God? Krishnamurti brings "attention" and "freedom" to the table in discussion number four, as well as "silence" while asking, "Is there anything sacred in Life?"

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