The Turning Point

The Turning Point

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"The Turning Point" set contains 10 multi-regional DVDs from Krishnamurti's talks at Saanen in 1981. Follow Krishnamurti as he weaves through the topics of consciousness, conflict, love, control and freedom. Listening to a complete series of talks by Krishnamurti allows the viewer to take a journey along a path of insight where Krishnamurti slowly brings the listener to face himself by asking life altering question.

In Q/A number two a questioner asks, "If there are no individuals how can individual effort be made to be serious, attentive, alert? And where in this is the individuals responsibility for his actions?"

Krishnamurti's answer is both revealing and intriguing, "Now, are we individuals? Let's be objective, not emotional, not romantic, sentimental, are we individuals? Or we are the result of thousands and thousands and thousands of years of collective, of a brain that has evolved through time, which has gathered innumerable experiences, has faced many wars, suffered, anxious, uncertain. If you say you are an individual and that is happening to you that has happened to every individual throughout the world - right? To every human being, whether he lives in Russia under tyranny, whether he lives in the so-called democratic world, or in the rather disordered world of the East. Fortunately it is somewhat disordered and inefficient - fortunately because the moment you get very efficient, very orderly, you fall into the groove and there you stay, which doesn't mean we are advocating inefficiency."

He continues, "And if you are not an individual is it not possible to be much more serious, much more concerned with the whole of humanity, of which you are? From that feeling of wholeness of mankind, right action comes. When you feel utterly, totally responsible for your action as a human being who is the rest of humanity, out of that feeling comes right behaviour. It is not individual behaviour. When there is this feeling that you are the whole of humanity, not intellectually but the feeling in your heart, in the depth of your being, then how can you kill another? How can you then be self-centred? And if you are an individual, which is an illusion as far as the speaker is concerned, then you act as a human being, separate, fragmented, broken up. And out of that fragmentation you act and therefore breed more conflict. This is what is happening."

Some of the DVD topics in this 10 disc series include:

Learning That Transforms Consciousness
73 min

The Ending Of Conflict
56 min

Living Without Images
72 min

Can The Brain Be Totally Free?
65 min

Love and Freedom
68 min

To Live Without a Shadow of Control?
72 min

Questions and Answers 1-3
Q/A 1: 81 min
Q/A 2: 83 min
Q/A 3: 88 min

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