What Love is Not (1-6)

What Love is Not (1-6)

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"What Love is Not" set of 12 single DVDs. B & W. Multi-regional DVD.

Complete set of 7 Public Talks and 5 Q&A Meetings at Saanen, 1979.

There is Western thinking and there is Eastern thinking the world has been divided that way. But the source of the river is the same which is only thinking.

Thought is measurement.Thought, though it is necessary is bound by time, the past, the present, and the future. That process of thinking will never find that which is inexhaustible, immeasurable, timeless.

We can only think together if we love each other. Do you love your children, your husband, your wife or is it always you first and them second? Where there is division there will never be a good society. A good society can only come if you are good which means you don't belong to any category of religions, of knowledge, of conclusions.

Goodness born out of love can happen now. From that, a good society can be born.

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