To Observe Without Distortion

To Observe Without Distortion

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Public talks 1 through 5 - Ojai, California, USA - February 1980

1) Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?
2) Observation is the total denial of analysis
3) Is time necessary to end something psychologically?
4) Desire, attachment and fear
5) Psychologically we are one unitary movement
6) Action, observation and dying while living


How does desire come into being and why does it play such an extraordinary part in one’s life?

Greed is a form of desire. Greed is encouraged by industrialists and advertisements.

Thought creates the image of a person and is attached to that image. Can attachment, with all its consequences, end?

What is fear? Isn’t one afraid of letting go of attachment?

Why haven’t we, with all our knowledge and experience, resolved this problem of fear completely?

Is fear time? Is fear a movement of thought?

Note: a total of 5 minutes of missing video is replaced by audio only.