The movement of desire

The movement of desire

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Public Talk - Brockwood Park, UK - August 1978 (4-DVD Set)

Disc 1: Can I strip myself of the network of language?

Disc 2: How is one to have complete order?

Disc 3: How is freedom to be understood and lived?

Disc 4: The beginning of meditation

Action based on a past conclusion, however right, however worthy, is still from the past and therefore still limited in terms of time.

Is there an action totally devoid of time?

One must be free of knowledge to have immediate perception.

Why do human beings live constantly in a state of fear?

Thought is a movement based on past memories, past experiences, past knowledge.

Can you look at fear, the actual sensation, without the word?

Is freedom the opposite of prison, of bondage, of repression? Is freedom to do what you like?

As long as we live in opposites, jealousy and non-jealousy, the good and the bad, the ignorant and the enlightened, there must be this constant conflict in duality.

Is love being attached to a person, to a country, to an idea?

Can you put aside attachment, dependence, and not become cynical, bitter, or withdraw and resist?

Why do we suffer psychologically?
Is it possible to put physical pain in its right place and not let it interfere with the psychological state of the mind?

Why we are all so frightened of death?